Years 4 & 5

Very fluid to say the least!

Where next?


It’s probably optimistic, to say the least, that we will be able to make an accurate plan this far ahead. In fact it is highly likely that the first 3 years will change in one way or another from what we have initially laid down. We feel that without some sort of plan we might end up wandering a little too much and maybe miss some places we really want to see.

There is of course the counter argument, that by not wandering aimlessly we may miss some things we haven’t even heard of yet or we may have disregarded some great places for the wrong reasons. So we have made a rough plan for the last 2 years but we are keeping an open mind.

Initially (if we didn’t do it at the start of year 3) we will take some sort of time out to reflect on what we have done so far and where we want to go from here. Considering it will probably be winter in the UK we will more than likely head ‘down under’. We have made numerous visits to Australia and feel this will be a good place to stay active and make a plan. It will also give us the chance to see Tasmania, one part of the country we have not yet visited.

We will no doubt still have places in Europe we are yet to discover. So we can see another one or maybe even two trips there being a possibility.

We had an absolutely fabulous trip to the Canadian Rockies back in 2004, we also visited Ontario on the same trip but unfortunately never got as far as Quebec. This, along with The New England States across the border in the US is an area we would like to see, especially in ‘The Fall’

This would probably leave us with a couple of trips left to do. One will no doubt see us back in South East Asia, again filling in some of the gaps such as Myanmar and Laos and parts of Malaysia we have not explored yet.

Where then for the final trip? …….. Who knows this far away but at the back of Steve’s mind is a trip back to Central America, one last go at the Hawai’i Ironman and then on to Bora Bora where we will sit down on a beach spend some time reading back this blog and then finally call it a day.

Or then again, maybe not !!

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