The 5 year plan

We have been thinking that it maybe a good idea to put down our plan for the next 5 years to give people an idea of what lies ahead.

Five years is a long time and its just about impossible to be specific for the entire period. So the plan as it stands is a little like Sarah’s baking, firm at one end, turning a little wobbly in the middle and pretty much fluid at the other end! Who knows what opportunities will arise which may send us in a different direction to that laid out.

If you want to find out what the plans are for each year please see the sub menu within this section.

We have also included a few photographs from old trips. Unfortunately many of our photos are printed on paper and are currently stored away. The digital age definitely makes life easier in some ways!

Once we start the blog in early January we intend to update with a post about once every week. Then, at the end of each trip we will post a “How we did it” section. This will hopefully assist anyone who is planning something similar for that particular part of the Word.